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Isis is a goddess in Egyptian mythology. She was most prominent mythologically as the wife of Osiris and mother of Horus, and was worshipped as the archetypical wife and mother.

Her name literally means (female) of throne, i.e. Queen of the throne, which was portrayed by the emblem worn on her head, that of a throne. However, the hieroglyph of her name originally meant (female) of flesh, i.e. mortal, and she may simply have represented deified, historical queens.

Her origins are uncertain but are believed to have come from the Nile Delta; however, unlike other Egyptian deities, she did not have a centralised cult at any point throughout her worship. First mentions of Isis date back to the Fifth dynasty of Egypt which is when the first literary inscriptions are found, but her cult became prominent late in Egyptian history, when it began to absorb the cults of many other goddesses. It eventually spread outside Egypt throughout the Middle East and Europe, with temples dedicated to her built as far away as the British Isles. Pockets of her worship remained in Christian Europe as late as the 6th century; as it was banned.


Many scholars believe that Isis worship in late Roman times was the primary influence behind Catholic development of the cult of the Virgin Mary. Evidence suggests that this allowed the Catholic Church to absorb a huge number of converts who had formerly believed in Isis, and would not have converted unless Catholicism offered them an "Isis-like" female focus for their faith.

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The knot of Isis, according to the book of the dead, gives the protection of Isis and her son Horus to whoever wears it. Typically made out of red jasper it symbolized blood, magic and power from the magical goddess herself. The Djed pillars have been compared to the spine of the human being and so represent strength and stability

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Do me a favor if you will. Think about these items.

#1. You know how mushroom gills look when you fan them out? Look at that very first image on the page of the Goddess Nike. Look at her wings, as if they were mushroom gills as the mushroom is in it's final stages; her gown the stalk.
#2. Now if you look at the very first image of Queen Isis it appears as though the later depiction above of Nike may have been based off of the Egyptian Priestess Queen Isis.
#3. Now take a moment and look at the image comparison of Isis and Mary. What if I told you that Isis was representative of more than one thing. Isis symbolizes our Virgin Mother Earth and Horus is a Mushroom springing up from her with only God's Semen of Rain. She is also a macrocosm in that she represents the mushroom herself and we are the son baby Jesus suckling on her, the mushroom. Remember that the Nike that was based off of Isis later was called the Mediator of success between gods and men.
#4. Now take a look at the wall Egyptian wall painting of Mary, I mean Isis. First notice the feathers representing the underside of the mushroom, wings representing the flight of the soul during the out of body experience one partakes in after consuming the mushroom. Next, take a look at the mushroom in the upper left hand corner of the painting. Next realize how the Ankh in the painting is a bird's eye view of the red bandana around her head. The white egg shape is the mushroom in it's infantile state. Then finally notice the stalk of the mushroom with the four lines through it.
#5. Gold Knot of Isis Pendant, notice those pillars again? Right beside that Gold Knot that is a bird's eye view of a mushroom/Isis. If you look at the figure in the middle, you can really fully understand what they meant when they said that God made man in his own image. God was their heiroglyph of a mushroom.
#6. If you would this time focus your attention to the represention of Isis, or the Mushroom, as Jesus on the cross. What the Church fathers really meant by Sacrificing the son of the virgin mary and eating of his flesh was literally mushroom gathering from the virgin mother Earth impregnated by the Lord's semen, or rain.
#7. Don't worry we are well along our way here. Just look at how they show you that the mushroom and the Ankh go hand and hand and our one in the same.

#8. Last but deffinately not least, a depiction of the Council of Nicea, the founding of the new testament. Looks like they are all shamans who meditate all day stoned off their asses while they gather mushrooms to take at night and join the Lord in holy communion with God literally they join the Eschaton. The Pope wrote a book called Eschatology, look it up on if you don't believe me.


The Ancients didn't understand that the Mushroom sprang up from the seed of Myceilium, I'm lazy to look it up. So they saw the Jesus Mushroom springing up from a Virgin mother Earth. Isis states clearly that she is nature. And if she is Nature Mary is Nature, and therefore if Mary is Nature than Jesus is the Mushroom suckling off of his Virgin Mother Nature's Titty. No one comes unto the lord except through him meaning ingesting the Mushroom. Take this and eat from it, the flesh of my flesh, mana the bread that sprang from the dew, the lord's seed. When the Gods, being Egyptians, made man in his image, the Greecians meant that they made the heiroglyph a little man, represent the Mushroom, hense the knot of Isis pendant inbetween the Pillars of letting you know you cut the stalk off.

The Egyptians weren't forced to leave, the Egyptians are coming back soon, on a planet that passes by every so many thousand yrs, and if you look at NASA's website they will tell you about a planet that they found recently that has a MUCH larger orbit then we have ever heard of in schools. The bible says that god forced the Egyptians to leave. They choose to leave and left certain people in power with the "divine" right to rule. This is where we get kings from.

The Egyptians created us, it's all backwards, not only did "God" create man in his own image, but the Egyptians put some of their DNA in the evolving men on Earth at the time to create us. AND THEY, the Egyptians, the Annunaki, made the Mushroom, or Jesus, in OUR image, as a man for their Heiroglyph.

I believe that the ancient Sumerian Clay tablets were literally describing the Egyptians as the Annunaki, who came here and built their great Pyramids all over the Earth and took up already evolving hominids from the jungles of every continent and injected some of their DNA to design us. Hence, god made Man in his own image. Literally the holographic image of their DNA. We are 99.997 % primate, and the 0.003 percent of us that isn't primate, is indistinguishable from anything on this planet, therefore Scientist call it Alien DNA for a reason, because were are part ALIEN, part NOT OF THIS WORLD. I am not a froot loop who believes that I am from Zeta Reticulis here, I am telling you the truth. Another planet in our Solar system had beings on it ORIGINALLY from MARS many years ago, and they hop scotched onto that Planet when MARS was destroyed, previously named Malduk. They came here 12 thousand yrs ago, 4 Orbits of their planet ago. Doctors and Scientist and Some Officials stayed for 1 orbit of their planet around the Sun which is around 3000 yrs. They designed us, and taught us everything, and left back onto their planet 8000 yrs ago when the Bible says God obliterated the Egyptians off the face of the planet, they wrote that lie so we weren't afraid of RA coming back. Stargate has it right. Thing is, they let on purpose so that they could come back in 2012 on the next sweep and hopscotch back to Earth, closer to what was once their original orbit of Mars before they left their home. They planned all of this to survive as a race. They are planning on taking Earth back over, and that's not a joke.

The president is dead and our government is controlling the media just like any other countries' government controls the media.

The Egyptians are coming back, and our government is afraid. That's the REAL reason why we have HAARP, that the real reason why our government has done EVERYTHING that it has is because they are in negotiations with the Annunaki. They know that they want to come back to Earth. Our government has known for awhile. You see the Annunaki had no idea that we would have came so far so soon. Remember we were our own species, our own will, before they minipulated our DNA. Real humans, not hybrid creatures designed for one purpose as a slave race, but real primates, real humans, I don't think we would have ever become such evil as we have today without them in us. They sped up the process so we could mine for them and in trade, they gave us language, I think it wasn't a fair trade, ignorance is bliss.

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By. Sally Sheridan


I have been a UFO investigator for ten years, working for APRO,

MUFON and CUFOS. I have had a lifelong interest in Tibetan Buddhism

and last summer (1988) I made a commitment to become a student.

This July (1989) I will be receiving ten days of instruction

followed for three days by the Kalachakra Initiation given by His

Holiness the Dalai Lama.

In preparation for receiving the initiation I have been listening to

many tapes and reading books selected by the lamas. I have been

fascinated by the teachings concerning Shambhala.

I should say here that I have not yet received any secret teachings.

I would not reveal those teachings. What I am about to share is

part of the preparation and is given to anyone.

The following is a compilation of material from three sources: a

tape of a lecture given in English by Dr. Alex Berzin at Thubten

Dhargye Ling, a Tibetan Buddhist Center in Los Angeles on May 3,

1988; tapes of a series of lectures given in Tibetan with English

translation at the same center by the Venerable Geshe Gyeltsen,

beginning March 2, 1989; and a book I received from the center when

I registered. Words in quotation marks are the exact words of Dr.

Berzin or the Ven. Geshe Gyeltsen:

Shambhala is the name of both an actual ancient kingdom of Tibet and

a metaphorical kingdom. The King of Shambhala traveled to India to

meet the Bhudda and receive the Kalachakra teachings. He then took

the teachings back to Shambhala where they were preserved for


Part of the Kalachakra teachings concern a predicted invasion in our

times, "the psychology of invasions", "advice on how to deal with

and cope with invasions" and "invasion mentalities." Based on very

sophisticated astrological/astronomical calculations it says that we

are now entering a dark age when the powers of negativity will

consist of men allied with demons. It will become nearly impossible

for a person to maintain his or her Buddhist spiritual practice.

Part 1

Detailed instructions are given in the Kalachakra for "building

various machines" to ward off the invaders.

The Kalachakra predicts that one of our worst problems will be that

the powers of negativity will be "tampering with the tables." They

are refering to astrological tables and Dr. Brezin specifically says

on the tape that in our times that would mean messing with the

programming of our computers! (see Clear Intent p. 27-28.) He says

it's very hard to defend yourself if the enemy has tampered with

your astrological charts or your computers.

This dark age will last until the year 2424 A.D. when a "great war"

will begin in India. The human race will be rescued from total

destruction by the armies of Shambhala riding "flying horses" and

"boats that fly in the air." A Golden Age will begin in A.D. 2424.


That is what I know so far. I may be misunderstanding the teachings

or perhaps I am like a person who reads part of the Bible for the

first time and, being impressed by the story of Noah, tells her

friends it's about boatbuilding. I do not wish to misinform and so

I remind the reader that I am a novice. I will update this in

August or September if it is necessary.


PART TWO - Sally Sheridan

Above I have summarized some of the Kalachakra teachings as they

relate to the current state of affairs in UFO research. I would

like to share a brief but tantalizing conversation I had with

someone in July of 1988.


I am not an authority on Tibet or Buddhism. As I stated, I am just

beginning my formal study but my interest in Tibetan Buddhism and

Tibet in general began thirty-one years ago when I was thirteen.

Last July while vacationing with my family in Colorado I made a

decision to become a Buddhist.

I flew to Denver and drove a rented car to Boulder, the location of

the Karma Dzong Center (I had called ahead). I was assigned to a

meditation instructor I will call Paul. I was fortunate to be

assigned to Paul on a number of counts. He was knowledgeable about

the Buddhism of many Asian countries and on that count was the one

who could answer the kinds of questions I wanted to ask.

I spent two days at the center meditating with others and receiving

some introductory orientation. Incidently, there were no Tibetans

around. Then, on Sunday, I went to breakfast with Paul. It was the

first time we had met face to face.

The restaurant was very busy and we had to wait outside about 45

minutes. Paul was young looking but I guessed him to be in his

thirties. He owns a computer consulting business. He is from

Australia and has a pleasant accent. Back in the Seventies he had

left Australia with a girl, to backpack around Nepal and India. It

was there, in northern India, where he encountered the clusters of

Tibetans displaced from their own country by the Chinese. He was so

impressed by the Tibetan lamas he met there that he said good-bye to

the girlfriend and stayed with the lamas. Later he and some other

young Australians built a center in Australia and relocated some of

the lamas there. He began studying the Tibetan language. For many

years he has worked on the Translation Committee which is

translating precious ancient Tibetan writings into English.

All of which is the setting for the following conversation which we

had while waiting to be called for breakfast:

Sally: So you left Australia and came here to Boulder to work

with the Tibetans. Are you planning to stay here


Paul: No. My wife and I are planning to move to Nova Scotia

next year. *

Sally: Why? Is it because of the center up there?

Paul: No. It has to do with the things that are coming out of

our translations of the old Tibetan books.

Sally (wearily): I know. I know. There's going to be global

upheaval and there are only a few safe places and that's

one of them. Right?

Paul (somberly): Well, something like that.

I knew from his manner that he had said all he was going to on that

subject. I don't know what this means but in the Kalachakra

teachings it says that there are five sacred places on Earth. I

wonder if one of them is Nova Scotia.


*Note: I had noted during my two days at the center that many of

the staff either had moved to Nova Scotia already or

were planning to do so.


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